Compasion Between Coolex with Rubberdam

All functions as the suck tube, functions to dry in the dampproof function and the mouth, and the tongue and the cheek mucous membranes are being built into the function as the exclusion machine that clears away pressure etc. by cooley. Therefore, there are a lot of clinical advantages in the use of cooley. To understand the performance that cooley is excellent, it compared it with a typical rubber dam of the dampproof device.

  Coolex Rubberdam
Suck function
Moisture-proof function
Cooling and dry function
Exclusion of tongue and cheek mucous membrane
Maintenance of state of open mouth
Prevention of mistake
Correspondence to caries under edge etc.
Time required for installation A few seconds It differs according to operator
Between installations(feeling to be installed) Excellence It is painful, and smells according to operator