Feature of Coolex

To raise the quality of treatment, the effort and endurance are demanded from both Jutssha and the patient usually.

It has a hard time in Jutssha and the rubber dam is built, and for instance, the patient endures the pain to which clamping digs into and is opening his mouth for the dampproof. When the advantage is few for the effort and endurance, the method will be kept at a distance. cooley is raised in an epoch-making thing and both use Jutssha and the patient can raise the quality of treatment rapidly easily.

1.The quality of treatment and efficiency must rise rapidly.

Even the patient who moves his tongue must not cause the damage of the soft tissue easily suddenly, and because the function of the suck, the dampproof, and dryness is provided ..can the maintenance of the patient in the state of an open mouth, and the pressure rejection ..the tongue and the cheek mucous membrane.. if cooley is installed if it sees from the Jutssha side.. It need not have vacuum, and there are an installation of the rubber dam, and neither exchange of the roll cotton many times nor doing as worth needing, too.

2.The infection of the trap of Wazraha should be able to be evaded.

It is an infectious disease to which it floats and Mushiba is caused by the infection of Mutans Streptococci. Therefore, it is necessary to take account to the infection of Wazraha consistent of the trap to improve the perpetuity of the prosthetic appliance. The resting saliva is composed by the secretion from the parotid, glandula submandibularis, glandula sublingualis, and the minor salivary gland, and the white blood corpuscle etc. are contained excluding ..these.. the gums ditch ooze liquid, the epithelial cell that flakes off, and bacteria. To avoid the infection of Wazraha by contact with such saliva, the trap should always isolate Wazraha, prevent Cammiz, pollution, and infection with saliva, maintain the state made aseptic, and complete the bonding operation of the prosthetic appliance. Contact can be avoided by always maintaining patient's state of an open mouth, and isolating Wazraha from saliva, the cheek mucous membrane, and the tongue if cooley is used.

3.The bonding obstruction factor should be able to be excluded.

In the mouth, it decreases at 30℃ or more in temperature as the more bonding becomes high temperature and humidity in general though it is 81% or more in humidity and extremely the high temperature and humiditys. The flow of air to face outside the mouth in the mouth is caused to suck cooley in deep of the mouth, and this works as cooling and a dry function. It turned out that the temperature in the mouth actually decreased when the influence on the temperature in the mouth of this device was examined, and humidity decreased remarkably. This suggests use of cooley effectively controlling the temperature humidity in the mouth, and beginning to make the environment in an ideal mouth for bonding.


The influence on the temperature humidity in the mouth of this device was examined. ..humidity.. I see ..a remarkable decrease... decrease the result temperature in the mouthThis result suggests use of this device effectively controlling the temperature humidity in the mouth and decreasing the failure of the bonding operation.


cooley is the sense of incompatibility and is a jaw prop. Even infant's patient to say nothing of the adult can accept easily because there is no pain even if it makes it.


cooley heads for deep in the mouth. Cause the current of air, and in the mouth It cools, and it dries. Figure dries. The done lining of the mouth is shown.